What We Do

Due to the high demand for fistula surgeons in Nigeria and their low supply in relation to the high number of women suffering from Obstetric Fistula, we came up with a method that would help us achieve more within a short period of time-tagged – “The Pool Effort”.

In this method, we enlisted the help of local fistula clinics that helped in providing information about women suffering from Obstetric Fistula and the required facilities for carrying out these surgeries.

Patients with fistula can undergo a surgery to repair the hole in their bladder or rectum. The treatment cures up to 90% of obstetric fistula patients. With support from donors like you, we help repair more women, giving them a chance to live normal lives.


Our project is in three phases:

(1) Prevention: tackling underlying social and economic inequities to empower women and girls through awareness programs

(2) Treatment: covering the fistula treatment—including surgery and post-operative care and

(3) Rehabilitation: economic and social support to fully integrate them back into society.